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About Cremation

Making cremation the option means retaining all classic choices. Ceremony, memorial, and disposition remain the same. A Starks Family Funeral Homes cremation can include a funeral. One that retains the dignity and respect of a traditional service. We offer guidance through every step of your decision.

Cremation at Starks Family Funeral Homes is simply a process of changing a deceased person to ash and particles via heat. While traditional burial is still the most popular type of funeral in America, cremation is becoming more popular. Since the body is reduced to a smaller amount of ash and particles, there is no body-sized casket involved. Ashes are either scattered, buried or retained in vessels called urns. 

A Look Inside

Cremation is simple. It’s clean. In the brick-lined retort, the cremation process takes no more than four hours and is environmentally-friendly, requiring no embalming or other processes. The temperature is raised to between 1500 and 2000 degrees, usually via natural gas. It’s an option many now choose. Starks Family Funeral Homes expert staff is happy to explain the entire process to you over the phone, via eMail or in person.

Common Questions about Cremation

Here are five of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Starks Family Funeral Homes cremation options:

  1. Is cremation cheaper than burial?
  2. Does cremation save on internment and burial fees?
  3. Is cremation quick and easy?
  4. Is cremation environmentally friendly?
  5. Does cremation mean a quick return to nature?

The answer to all five questions is simply, “Yes.” Call Starks Family Funeral Homes for details and more answers to all your cremation questions.


Starks Family Funeral Homes safely makes sure to keep track of your loved one through the entire cremation process. When a body is received, it is immediately given a metal ID tag and tracking number. This is the physical part of our safety system and all references to a loved one’s name and number match the metal tag. The Starks Family Funeral Homes tracking and data system includes arrival date, time and our technician’s name. Personal items are logged in at this stage for return to the family.

Scattering the Ashes

Scattering of ashes is a ceremony that has meaning to both a loved one and the living. Ashes can be simply poured and scattered on land or sea. If there is a place of great meaning, they can be scattered there, if permitted by local laws. Starks Family Funeral Homes feels this is important to discuss in advance with us and the persons scattering the ashes. Along with a sense of closure is the need for a permanent memorial for family and friends. Call Starks Family Funeral Homes today and we can talk.