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Personalization Options

Arlington Cemetery

For those who have served, we can arrange for a burial in a national cemetery.


Commemorate a loved one, with this noble musical tribute.

Balloon Release

A release ceremony that leaves us with an impression and memory to last a lifetime.


To help provide those important reassurances of the continuation of life.

Butterfly Release

This touching ceremony creates a symbolic and lasting memory.

Candlelight Ceremony

An annual service that allows those to express their love and honor for the deceased.

Casket Personalization

We offer families the opportunity to create their own personalized caskets.

Concierge Services

We offer our concierge service to families and their friends to make it easier.

Disposable Cameras

We can help preserve the reunion by distributing disposable flash cameras.

DNA Preservation

An invaluable source that can be passed on to protect future generations.


We can assist you using our reference library of Bible verses, poems, and literary quotation.

Flower Selection

We handle any special requests or preserve flowers for a meaningful keepsake.

Limo Service

We are happy to assist in providing transportation.

Memory Tables

We can assemble a display of cherished and personal possessions to tell the story of a life.

Military Honors

We can arrange for your loved one to be commemorated with special military observances.

Online Obituaries

We offer families the ability to post the story of a life lived on the Internet.

Online Remembrance

We offer the opportunity and tools to create their own commemorative web site.

Picture Boards

We can arrange all of your special items on a picture board, creating a beautiful collage.

Unique Urns

We offer many different kinds of urns with designs created to reflect the individual.

Valet Parking

Our convenient valet parking services adds to that comfort.


Personalization Options

Dove, Balloon & Butterfly Releases

If the thought of a dove, balloon or butterfly release after the service appeals to you, let us know. Many who use Starks Family Funeral Homes heavenward releases find them to be personal and meaningful acts for all involved. Special music can also enrich any service, so feel free to inquire.

Photo Boards

A photo board needs to be perfect. It’s a bittersweet task, and if you have questions, let Starks Family Funeral Homes help. We can help you with the photo gathering process and memorabilia that will awaken the perfect memories in all who pay their respects at the funeral home.

Memorial Websites

Create what is known as a memorial website and you create a lasting tribute for everyone you love to see. A memorial website re-creates the life story of someone who has passed for generations to appreciate. Works, pictures, video and music all tell a story that is priceless to everyone. Let Starks Family Funeral Homes caring staff help you create something special.

Memorial Table

Photos are the centerpiece of a memorial table. The memorial table is a dedicated space for wonderful memories. Here, everyone can stop, remember and honor a loved one. Starks Family Funeral Homes can help you choose and frame a large portrait for the center of the table. Even better, is a collage or collection of photos, flowers, candles and personal items to surround the main photo. 

Tribute Videos

A high-quality tribute video from Starks Family Funeral Homes goes beyond a possibly boring, home-made PowerPoint tribute to a loved one. A Starks Family Funeral Homes video tribute ensures the best in editing, image selection and royalty-free music. A great tribute video can be a wonderful and engaging way to remember someone. Copies can be ordered as well, keepsakes.

Flowers & Gifts

Starks Family Funeral Homes understands that there are many tastes and budgets. This is a great help when designing one-of-a-kind floral and gift combinations. We meet with you and discuss every aspect of your needs for both flowers and gifts at a funeral. The choices at Starks Family Funeral Homes are virtually unlimited.

Custom Printing

Printing is a special and tactile way to create memories of your loved one as well as communicate information about a funeral. At Starks Family Funeral Homes, we can help you with everything printed. Custom mailings, service folders, acknowledgement cards, memorial books and attendee registers are just a few of the printed pieces where Starks Family Funeral Homes can help. 


Understanding all aspects of funeral arrangements takes more than a phone call or an on-site consultation at a funeral home. From the privacy of your own personal computer, let Starks Family Funeral Homes comprehensive web cast walk you through the steps required to pre-plan a service, from beginning to end.

Special Music

There is nothing quite as special as remembering someone with music. A loved one’s favorite classical piece, a pop hit, even rock or jazz can be a unique and wonderful part of saying goodbye. At Starks Family Funeral Homes, even custom music can be arranged. Whatever style of music is required, we will make it happen.


Cremation Personalization

Like a traditional funeral, all Starks Family Funeral Homes options are available to personalize the ceremony: dove, balloon, butterfly releases. You can add photo boards, a memorial website, memorial tables, even a tributes video – virtually anything to create healing memories. Beautiful urns, flowers and gifts are the norm as are special music pieces. And all funeral messaging can be conveyed by Starks Family Funeral Homes custom printing options.